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Word World fan theory – Dog's Disability

2017.09.13 15:03 b_50cal Word World fan theory – Dog's Disability

In the PBS show Word World, anthropomorphic animals solve problems using spelling. All of the characters are animals that walk and talk like humans, aside from Dog. He acts like a dog. But if you catch the episode where some of the characters go to Dog's house, you can see he lives in the most lavishly appointed place in the land.
There's only one explanation – Dog received some type of large monetary settlement due to an accident that left him impaired. As a result, his speech and mobility are limited, but he's able to live in a large house. Not only is his house large, but he's got an entire room full of letters. Letter = wealth in Word World, since literally everything in the world is made of letters. Dog has the means to make anything he likes.
Dog could have inherited his home and wealth, but his differently-abledness suggests trauma we're not privy to. He's also treated with deference by the other WW residents, which makes me think he's seen as deserving his wealth – not how I would think they'd treat a trust-fund kid.
tl;dr – Dog on Word World was in an accident, rendering him permanently disabled and the beneficiary of a large settlement, leading to his immense wealth.
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2017.08.19 23:35 sailor-mouth Apparently I'm an asshole for trying to provide good service to a deaf man.

So yesterday at work was pretty slow and I was in the empty lounge when I heard the ding dong of the door in dining room. I walked around the corner and saw a man standing there reading our specials sign. I said hello and asked him if he'd like to dine in and he didn't respond or look at me. When I got closer I realized he was wearing hearing aides. I came around so I was directly in front of him so he could see someone standing there since I figured he couldn't hear me very well. He realizes I'm there and asks me a few questions about our specials, I answer him, the whole time making sure I'm looking at him because he seemed to respond best that way, I assumed he was reading my lips. I don't speak ASL so this is literally the only way I could think of to communicate with him and make him feel welcome, aside from just straight up yelling. He orders his food and then starts to wander around the restaurant, looking at the lounge, our retail wines, and what not. I had a few other customers so I couldn't follow him around and be right in his line of sight the whole time.
He finally sits down and I drop off his food. He's looking at his plate and I asked if there was anything else I could get him. He doesn't respond. He finally looks up and I repeated myself, asking if he needed anything else, he says he doesn't. I go on about my business and he finishes his meal. He's staring out the window when I come up to clear his plate and ask him if he wanted anything else, he doesn't respond. He realizes I'm standing there and looks over, so I repeat myself and he says no and asks for the check. I bring him the check, run it, he leaves and doesn't tip. I wasn't super irritated by this because it was only an 11.96 bill so the tip wouldn't be shit anyway. I WAS irritated however when I got to work today and my boss told me he emailed a complaint about me because I was "always in his face" and I didn't offer to help him when he was looking around the retail wine section, which, by the way would have required me to jump in between him and the wines he was looking at and get "in his face" again so he knew I was there. I'm not in trouble because the chef saw the whole thing and explained that I was just trying to do my job and he didn't seem to be able to hear me if he wasn't looking directly at me, but still. I don't know how else I should have handled the situation? Like should I have straight up said "Oh hey, I see you're kinda deaf would you prefer to read my lips or me to straight up yell?" That seems way more rude to me than just trying to work it out without pointing out someones differently abledness.
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Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. If youre not open to dating a transgender person you're transphobic Original Video : ... Our abledating Chameleon online dating script review. Is it worth buying? Full article on how to create a dating site here: Being Disabled And Dating Able-Bodied and Disabled relationship In this video, me and my girlfriend discuss having a girlfriend and being disabled. A selection of products that could help you ... Why 3DCity of Chameleon Dating Software Script by Websplosion gets such great reviews? Because virtual reality and augmented reality is a must nowadays, not ... Shane Burcaw is diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy and has dated Hannah for three years. Many people mistake Hannah as his nurse. Shane wants others to k... I have made this video as guide please don't use this to cheat DOL system. Please provide your correct information always. If you have any questions please f... I'm always on the hunt for exciting new experiences and ways to make this world a better place. The main goal with my content is to inspire viewers to get of... Chameleon Dating Software reviews and tutorials this outfit is ugly as f*ck lmao ig: robinjaspersx