Define servicewomen. servicewomen synonyms, servicewomen pronunciation, servicewomen translation, English dictionary definition of servicewomen. n. 1. A man who is a member of the armed forces. 2. also service man A man whose work is the maintenance and repair of equipment. American Heritage®... Servicewoman definition is - a woman who is a member of the armed forces. A grim but predictable story has played out for many servicewomen and female veterans, as a desperate search for Army Spec. Vanessa Guillén ended with confirmation of her death. The test is to flip the pairing: Would anyone like 'servicewomen and men'? Case closed. Nov 01 2017 16:27:03. build blue 181; I agree that for parallelism, it should be service men and women because that's more grammatical and aesthetic. In addition, the logical meaning of the phrase as it stands is 'male members of the military and all women ... Military women's organizations unite to form national coalition Group seeks to address pervasive problems service women face within the military and veteran communities WASHINGTON, DC— An Advisory Group comprised of leading national and regional military women's organizations is forming a coalition of like-minded groups to battle the continued marginalization women face within the military ... The Service Women’s Action Network (SWAN) is the voice of women who have served or are currently serving in the military. We are a member-driven network dedicated to supporting, connecting and advocating for the individual and collective needs of service women; past, present and future. WWII servicewomen. December 4, 2017 Leave a comment. Welcome! On our website you will find all the today's answers to New York Times Crossword. New York Times is one of the most read papers and it's crossword one of the most popular but it also is very challenging so sometimes some help is needed... Servicewomen definition: a woman who serves in the armed services of a country Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Local trumpeters pay tribute to fallen servicemen, servicewomen, those that have died from COVID-19. May 25, 2020 7:47 PM. Amy Reid. Posted: May 25, 2020 7:47 PM. Updated: May 26, 2020 11:35 AM. Among the servicewomen honored during the ceremony was Sgt. Maj. Angela Maness, who is slated to be the first female sergeant major of Marine Barracks Washington. “It is an honor and a privilege to be selected… to take a post, any post, but to be identified as a sergeant major to go to our oldest post, it is a privilege,” said Maness.


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2020.09.22 19:11 Hollayo Dude here, just wanted to say that I'm glad y'all have this subreddit.

Thanks for all you've done for our country and your fellow servicewomen and servicemen.
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2020.09.08 00:11 ShitInMyHoles Servicewomen and servicemen of Reddit, when did you realize that serving in your nation’s military was your calling? At what point during your service did you decide that you’ve done your part and it was time to move on to pursue other things?

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2020.08.30 20:23 FebreezeBottleTaster Servicemen and servicewomen of reddit what was the funniest thing that happened during training that you couldn’t laugh at?

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2020.07.26 20:48 Selphia2000 Current/ex servicemen/servicewomen, why did you decide to join the armed forces?

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2020.07.20 20:06 crnelson10 Justicia for Vanessa, DC Day of Action

Justicia for Vanessa, Day Of Action Events
1) Press Conference 10:00 AM, House Triangle
2) Letter Delivery 12:00PM, Location TBD
3) Justicia for Vanessa: Ni Una Mas, Not One More Rally 1:00PM, Lafayette Square (In Front of White House)
4) Virtual Rally, 12AM, All Social Media Platforms
Justicia for Vanessa, DC Day of Action Target Goals
1) Congressional investigation into the death of SPC Vanessa Guillen
2) Pass the Military Justice Improvement Act
3) Eliminate Gray Areas (Amend Title 10 to include sexual assault and harassment, include technological abuse in definitions of MST)
4) Hold offenders accountable (Create military sex offender registry that will transfer to the national civilian sex offender registry once offenders leave the military)
5) Reinvestigate all cases of servicewomen murdered or disappeared, to ensure families gain the full benefits to which they are entitled from wrongful deaths
Who is Organizing the Event:
Justicia for Vanessa, DC Day of Action is organized through a grassroots effort by women veterans, service women, and organizational supporters. Our coalition’s mission is to demand justice for the murder of Army Specialist Vanessa Guillén and systemic change for survivors of military sexual trauma.
How to Support:
1) Join us for the press conference
Meet us at the House Triangle and support advocates and legislators demanding justice for Vanessa and systemic change for survivors.
2) Call your legislators
Contact your own Congressional representatives and ask them to join us in our demands for justice.
Event #2: Delivery of the National Women Veterans and Service Women Sign-On Letter
Date: July 21, 2020
Time: 12:00 pm EST
Location: TBD
Letter Significance:
The letter includes over 4,000 signatures of women veterans highlighting the systemic failures of the military in regards to sexual assault and sexual harassment and will be delivered to legislators. The failures of the military to address the ongoing toxic culture that fosters the environment for rampant misconduct to include structural
racism facilitated the maltreatment, disappearance, and murder of Army Specialist Vanessa Guillén.
The over 4,000 signatories are demanding our nation’s representatives to respond and take action on the following actions to not allow for not one more to face sexual harassment or sexual assault in order to serve their Nation. Ni una mas. Justice for SPC Vanessa Guillén and the hundreds of thousands of other service women who have been failed by our military’s leaders begins with the completion of the following demands:
For Justice to be Served
1) An independent Congressional investigation is conducted of the circumstances surrounding the disappearance and murder of Spc. Vanessa Guillén.
2) Spc. Vanessa Guillen’s entire chain of command at Fort Hood, up to and including the Commanding General of Fort Hood, are immediately relieved and replaced.
3) Shutdown Fort Hood, in support of the demands by the Guillén family.
4) Halt all enlistments until these demands are met and the systemic problems with sexual assault and sexual harassment in military culture are effectively addressed.
How to Support:
  1. Prior to July 21, Sign the Letter: Here.
  2. On and Following July 21, Call Your Representative to Demand Justice
Event #3: Justicia for Vanessa: Ni Una Mas, Not One More
Action Location Lead: Kathryn Gonzales
Date: July 21, 2020
Time: 1:00 pm EST
Location: In Front of the White House
Format: Rally
How to Support:
1) RSVP to the Event at
Mark that you’re joining us and invite others through the event page.
2) Share the Event to Social Media
Help us spread the word about Justice for Vanessa Guillen by sharing events on social media. Sample social language below.
3) Bring Your Own Mask and Hand Sanitizer
Help us keep everyone safe and wear your mask, bring hand sanitizer, and socially distance while at the event.
Event #4: Virtual Rally in Support of Justicia for Vanessa: Not One More, Ni Una Mas
Date: July 21, 2020
Time: 12:00 a.m. - 11:59 p.m.
Location: All platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.)
Format: Virtual Rally
How to Participate in a Virtual Rally:
Virtual rallies are an opportunity for folks who are not able to participate in-person due to distance or have a compromised immune system. Help us flood the internet and social media with demands for justice for Vanessa Guillen and change for survivors and all future service members. You can support the folks participating in the DC Day of Action through the following…
1) Post using the hashtag #JusticiaforVanessa
Share your story or your support for Vanessa Guillen and other survivors throughout the day of July 21st.
2) Ask others to post and share using the hashtag #JusticiaforVanessa
Ask folks in your network and community to support these efforts using the hashtag #JusticiaforVanessa.
3) Contact your representative to demand justice for Vanessa Guillen and change for survivors
Help us flood the internet and social media with demands for justice for Vanessa Guillen and change for survivors and all future service members.
4) Call your legislators
Contact your Congressional representatives and ask them to join us in our demands for justice and systemic change.
Social Media Resources and Guidance
Read our principles and use this Social Media Toolkit to spread the word about Justicia for Vanessa, DC Day of Action to mobilize the American public to ensure the Military is finally held accountable!
Hashtags to Use
Graphics to Share
Click here for Instagram/TwitteFB post and story graphics to use with your #JusticiaforVanessa posts.
Social Media Pages to Follow and Links to Share:
Sample Social Media Language
If you’re not sure what to share online, the following are samples that you can copy and paste to join and support the #JusticiaforVanessa events,
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2020.07.14 22:04 nicoletti23 Karen escalates after parking lot confrontation with servicewomen.

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2020.07.14 11:14 sac916oakpark Karen escalates after parking lot confrontation with servicewomen.

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2020.07.14 09:55 removalbot 07-14 07:55 - 'The murder of Vanessa Guillén has opened the floodgates on sexual assault in the US military as servicewomen rush to share their stories — After increasing pressure from protesters, the Secretary of...' ( by /u/wrapityup removed from /r/politics within 1548-1558min

The murder of Vanessa Guillén has opened the floodgates on sexual assault in the US military as servicewomen rush to share their stories — After increasing pressure from protesters, the Secretary of the Army ordered an "independent and comprehensive" review of the command climate at Fort Hood
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2020.07.13 22:13 Continue_to_Serve The murder of Vanessa Guillén has opened the floodgates on sexual assault in the US military as servicewomen rush to share their stories — After increasing pressure from protesters, the Secretary of the Army ordered an "independent and comprehensive" review of the command climate at Fort Hood

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2020.07.13 20:11 tatteddiamond Military Servicewomen of reddit, in light of recent reporting on the Vanessa Guillén murder, what is your experience with attitudes in the military towards female enlisted? Have you ever been mistreated or abused due to your gender?

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2020.07.13 19:43 HannibalK Karen escalates after parking lot confrontation with servicewomen.

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2020.07.13 16:34 unremovable The murder of Vanessa Guillén has opened the floodgates on sexual assault in the US military as servicewomen rush to share their stories — After increasing pressure from protesters, the Secretary of the Army ordered an "independent and comprehensive" review of the command climate at Fort Hood

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2020.07.13 11:43 Majnum The murder of Vanessa Guillén has opened the floodgates on sexual assault in the US military as servicewomen rush to share their stories — After increasing pressure from protesters, the Secretary of the Army ordered an "independent and comprehensive" review of the command climate at Fort Hood

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2020.07.13 09:44 BusinessInsider The murder of Vanessa Guillén has opened the floodgates on sexual assault in the US military as servicewomen rush to share their stories

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2020.07.13 02:55 JobrnysRant The murder of Vanessa Guillén has opened the floodgates on sexual assault in the US military as servicewomen rush to share their stories

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2020.07.13 00:04 AmyHWilliams The murder of Vanessa Guillén has opened the floodgates on sexual assault in the US military as servicewomen rush to share their stories

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2020.07.10 19:44 -en- @washingtonpost: Vanessa Guillén may have faced "non-sexual harassment," the Army said, revealing new details in a case that has galvanized servicewomen and Latino community

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2020.07.09 20:21 Erhard_Eckmann [Event] Pakistan Ministry of Defense Whitepaper

Pakistan Ministry of Defense Whitepaper

September, 2020
For the eyes of Prime Minister Imran Khan and relevant parties
Compiled by General Nadeem Raza; Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee

Standardization and Modernization of Infantry and General Personnel

It has come to the attention of the Ministry of Defense that Pakistan’s infantry and general personnel are in dire need of both modernization, and standardization across the forces to conform professionalism and effectiveness. With mostly outdated weapons, an extremely low serviceability rate, and camouflage uniforms that have not been updated for decades; Pakistan’s Armed Forces are only prepared for conflict and deployment in terms of manpower.
The Ministry of Defense has proposed a standardization of the armed forces and general modernization of it’s equipment to retire the old and useless. First and foremost, Pakistan’s camouflage schemes will be digitized, and circumstantial to the region of service. The marines will utilize a desert digital camo scheme because of Pakistan’s coast being largely desert. Services that do not see field combat will not need a combat camo. Pakistan’s navy will wear a white sailor’s uniform and cap as it currently does without change, while also being the dress uniform. Rather than camouflage. Pakistan’s air force will also maintain their current uniforms. Pakistan’s army will keep its current dress uniforms, but it’s combat service uniform will change into two types, one being snow digital, and the other being Paki-digi, a general camouflage that applies to Pakistan’s different topographies quite easily. The camouflages will also come with appropriate headcoverings for those Muslim servicewomen that choose to wear them. Otherwise, dress uniforms are to remain unchanged. All boot, helmet, and body-armor types, and infantry bandoliers/carriers will be standardized along these camouflage schemes, and will be designed by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army for production in Pakistan.
Operating a wide-range of weapons, and some older than others, Pakistan has a desperate need to standardize its infantry weapons and loadout. Maroon Beret (Special Services Group) weapons will remain unchanged for specialization reasons, however, other infantry weapons will be retired in order to this change. The HKG3 will be rotated out of service as the primary battle rifle, in addition to the Type 56 version of the AK-47 from China. The HKG3 was only used in limited numbers, while the Type 56 was primarily used, meaning that decades later, Pakistan is still using the same AK-47s, which is a major problem. The RPD LMG, the Rheinmetall MG 3, and Steyr SSG 69 will all be retired in favor of general standardization towards weapons the Pakistan Armed Forces is more familiar with, and to centralize around a single buyer for consistency. This standardization was called the ‘Nusrat Soldier,’ a common Pakistani name, to include the specific armor and weapons used by ground soldiers rather than what could be found. To do so, the Ministry of Defense has determined a series of weapons in addition to the uniform standardization ready for deployment to the soldiers. Having familiarity in AK-series weaponry already, Russia was chosen as the primary provider for infantry small arms. The AK-15 was selected as the new standard issue assault rifle, followed by the PKP Pecheneg general purpose machine gun. The Kord heavy machine gun was chosen to favor the medium to long range engagements that Pakistani soldiers find themselves in with India along the border, more suited to the terrain between the two nations. The SVDM sniper rifle was also named as the new service marksman rifle. With these new primary weapons being designated as new service weapons, the soldiers that use them must be trained in their operation, however due to AK familiarity, this should be a quick process. The United States Javelin ATGM was chosen due to its over-the-shoulder operating ability, something that the Russian Federation does not hold. The territory in northern Pakistan calls for the mobility that the Javelin has, and was therefore chosen. The weapon could be slung onto the back of an infantry squad soldier rather than requiring a full-squad ground tripod set up. The Anza II) is Pakistan’s new own MANPADs weapon, and was therefore chosen, after proving reliable. Finally, the RPG-7 will be retired from service in favor of the RPG-32.
Being set up by the United Kingdom, Pakistan embraces a fire-team style organization where an infantry section is made of two fireteams of eight men in total. Therefore, each fireteam has four soldiers contained within.

Equipment Politics and Standardization

To transport ground troops, the Oshkosh L-ATV has been selected rather than continuing the MaxxPro, Casspir, or using the older Sakb. The Sakb will be retired in favor of the Oshkosh, which will allow Pakistani troops easier access to Kashmir and the border regions while protected, more suited for mountain road warfare and deployments. The M113 IFV will be slowly phased out in favor of the ZBD-04 and the ZBL-08 from the People’s Republic of China. The ZBL-08, more suited for urban and road warfare in developed regions is excellent for rapid troop deployment. The ZBD-04, on the other hand, is well suited for both city and rough terrain, being small enough in size to pass through mountains, and tracked to support those terrains.
Our new economic partner China has pushed out older American equipment for newer and cheaper Chinese alternatives like the AH4 towed artillery piece and the PLZ-05 SPG. Seeking out new SAM units that are reliable, Pakistan has reached out to the Russian Federation to acquire the S-400 SAM system, to protect Pakistan from not only missile attacks, but also aircraft incursions at a level of reliability needed by Pakistan. To complement it, Russia will be providing Pakistan with a wide-array of radar systems to ensure conformity. Pakistan is now facing the very real situation that without effective SAM systems, it will not be able to hold its own. As aircraft get more modern, so must SAM systems, and on such grounds, will be reaching out to Russia and inquire regarding the purchase of the S-400 Triumf. However, should this strongly upset our strategic ally, whom we have recently worked hard to improve relations with under President Trump has been very successful, we will abandon this pursuit.
However, Pakistan is still very committed to the strong and effective arsenal of aircraft that the United States has at its disposal, and will spare no expense to ensure that Pakistan is operating the best of the best. The US has been Pakistan’s long-time partner, and strongest ally. We fought side by side in Afghanistan, and have recently come out of a long-time relationship low under the leadership of Imran Khan and Donald Trump. Pakistan has once again decided to open its eyes to US aircraft purchases like before, starting by upgrading existing aircraft to the F-16V. Continuing on with Pakistan’s F-16 purchases, Pakistan has opened a contract for the F-15K Strike Eagle, a very reliable aircraft that would be more suited to run anti-ship and strike missions so the F-16s and JF-17 Thunders can focus on aircraft. Pakistan is not going to pursue a large arsenal, but between 20 and 40 aircraft should do the job. Refraining from purchasing any Chinese aircraft, Pakistan is hoping that the United States would be willing to open F-35 negotiations with Pakistan, especially after Turkey had been dropped from contention. Pakistan is willing to hear the US terms for the purchase of the aircraft within a few years or more, so that an arrangement can be met that both sides are happy with that will both ensure the security of the aircraft and its equipment, but also that Pakistan can protect itself with it. Pakistan hopes that the US and Pakistan can work together on the development of strong relationships, and common goals in Afghanistan being the ground which they are built on.
In terms of navy, no one-single nation has particularly approached Pakistan other than China, which can produce a large number of highly-effective vessels. Pakistan has had an appetite for a growing blue-water navy in recent years to combat its regional enemy, and has sought China for these contracts and the development of vessels that Pakistan can produce from China. Already accustomed to Chinese submarines and surface vessels, Pakistan will seek to push the docket further with amphibious transport docks, destroyers, and eventually an LHD to protect Pakistan’s EEZ from Indian incursions. However, the condition being that the vessels must be constructed at Karachi Shipyard. To do so, Pakistan will need to expand Karachi Shipyard so that it can service larger vessels like an LHD or in long-term a carrier. To do so, Pakistan has ordered a shipyard expansion to service a maximum-sized vessel of 320 meters in length and a beam of 77 meters. Such an upgrade will cost approximately $7 Bn, and will be run by Pakistani company Descon. Descon has been contracted to complete the lengthening of the shipyard services by 2024, with a long enough length to lay down the Type 075 LPHs by 2022. Pakistan will continue pursuing a conventional submarine with missile-launch capabilities, and will likely choose a specialized version of China’s Qing-class to fill this role. In addition, Pakistan long-term will need nuclear submarine capabilities to extend its second strike abilities, and will be commissioning first a Gwadar class SSN, as a goal for technological gain. Following this, Pakistan will commission the Kashmir class SSBN.

Future Research and Development

Al-Khalid III
Having just completed the Al-Khalid II, a Pakistan-modified production of China’s Type 96B, Pakistan is going to be moving forward to develop its own new indigenious tank that is not a side-product of China’s own development. However, Pakistan will continue to seek China’s assistance on the development of the Al-Khalid III, but has made it clear from the beginning that it will not be a licensed Type 99A, and should be something tailored to the needs of Pakistan’s terrain. Thus, Pakistan expects a six year project on the Al-Khalid III with China before being fielded. The project will be completed by Heavy Industries Taxila.
Anzad SAM System
Growing in Pakistan’s capacity to develop weapon systems, Pakistan will use its Anza II technology to begin working on their own SAM system. Pakistan will need to rely on itself and develop this on its own if it seeks to defend itself from the Indian invaders. The Anzad project will be a primary focus of Pakistan, to be done without outside assistance, and will eat up a considerable amount of resources over the coming years until its completion. It will feature state of the art detection systems, and rapid reaction times to shoot down missiles and aircraft very quickly. Pakistan has been a formidable builder of both missiles and aircraft, so using its knowledge of both, will approach this project keenly. The Anzad Project will be worked on by Air Weapons Complex.
Project Azm Gen 5.5 Multirole
Project Azm will continue as planned, however Pakistan acknowledges it will have to be a piloted aircraft, and being unmanned is no longer a possibility. The aircraft will be a true generation five aircraft with top-notch radar and avionics sweets, modern engines, and stealth implements to catapult Pakistan into the seat of a modern fighter jet manufacturer. Pakistan’s PAC will work on this project alongside Shenyang Aircraft Corporation as it already does, to make its first true fifth generation aircraft where the JF-17 just fell short. While in comparison to current generation five’s, Pakistan hopes to implement current technology at the time, to push the aircraft to gen. 5.5 due to its later release.
Project Azzaz Gen 6 Multirole
What Pakistan learns from Project Azm will be critical in the development of the newly launched Project Azzaz, Pakistan’s generation six multirole fighter. Another, more long-term project by PAC, which will be used by build-off knowledge from Project Azm. Due to the recent acceptance of the project proposal, little is known about the gen. 6 project.
JF-17 Thunder Block IV
However, in the short term, PAC will be continuing it’s support for the JF-17 program. The JF-17 Thunder Block IV will be released in the near future. The JF-17 Block IV will have an all-new engine, radar-absorbing metal plating, and updated radar suites to continue Pakistan’s procurement chain leading into the future. Block IV will be the last block of the JF-17 aircraft and will continue updating older systems, but no further support beyond that point other than full production.
Kalmati Hypersonic Missile
Kalmati Hypersonic, is the title of Pakistan’s latest hypersonic missile project by Khan Research Laboratories. This institute brought Pakistan to weapons-grade plutonium and has been key to the development of Pakistan’s growing missile arsenal. A logical choice for such a program, KRL will be pursuing the Kalmati Hypersonics project to equalize the sub-continent, as India works on its Brahmos systems. Khan Research Laboratories has not made hypersonics before, but is familiar with missile research and development, and therefore will be working closely alongside the People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force to develop these weapons utilizing their knowledge from the DF-ZF projects.
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2020.07.08 09:53 riley8583 [National - Day 2 - Post 3] Riley8583 visits the Trentham Army Camp to talk about defence policy

Riley8583 visits the Trentham Army camp to talk about National defence policy
Thank you for allowing me to speak here this evening, it is a lovely place out here at the Trentham army base, today I will be speaking most about Nationals defence policy and how we will protect New Zealand.
If elected, a National government will uphold our commitment to global security and peacekeeping by standing with our allies and cousins, with missions in Australia as an example. A National government will maintain the policy of phasing out unnecessary, outdated equipment and replacing it with upgraded modern equipment which will cause a decrease in unnecessary defence expenditure, and assist in improving diplomatic relationships. On top of this, a National government will reform our security and intelligence services which will increase effectiveness and efficiency, and we will even go further with the upgrading of existing crypto infrastructure.
Currently, the status quo is seeing great defence cuts which absolutely guts our capacity to protect our pacific neighbours, conduct patrols, ensure our air forces and navy get the necessary upgrades as to ensure our humanitarian missions actually work. We’re seeing a war on defence, and a war on veterans. We need to put our defence and servicemen first as these measures won’t serve to actually reduce a non-existent military complex, but rather it endangers our servicemen in humanitarian missions, they’ll be working with old, outdated equipment and an obstinate and seriously misinformed Government cutting defence expenditure below the recommended minimums is just uncalled for and dangerous.
We will correct this, we will reverse the cuts to defence spending to ensure that our upgrades to our fleets are overseen, such as with the purchase of the prospective HMNZS Manawanui and the development and final build of the HMNZS Aotearoa to ensure our ships can actually be refilled at sea, we need these ships now, not later, otherwise it won’t be us that suffers, but our friends in Tonga, in Vanuatu, in Fiji, and in Samoa as we won’t be able to protect them when natural disaster hits or when something worse occurs. We need the capability to help out our friends, for they did the same when we were paralysed by the earthquakes so many years ago.
A National government will lead the charge in the fight against violent terrorism through our work with five eyes and partners in East Asia. National is the only party that is investing in state of the arc resources which will secure our defence future.
Only our National team is fighting for stronger defence policy, only myself as the Minister for Defence will be able to keep New Zealanders safe from foreign threats.
This team is the only team that is willing to put our defence forces first, those New Zealanders that fight beyond and abroad for New Zealand values, that fight for our freedoms, only our National team knows how tough our soldiers have it, and only our National team knows how to confront the issues surrounding this nation's defence force.
If National is elected to government, I will be leading the team over at the Defence Department, a team that encourages unique ideals and values, a team that will promote and encourage integrity.
Our National team is extremely qualified, and we are ready to take on the position of government to get this nation back on track, we are the only team and party that plans to get this nation back on track after the serious derailment from the Greens. We can do this, veterans, patriots, armed forces, please United and fight for a better New Zealand, vote National this election.
I stand here to salute our servicemen and servicewomen and pay my respects to those who have fallen in the name of New Zealand, those who have fallen under the national flag of New Zealand, our veterans and their families.
Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to come out here today and talk to all of you, each and every one of you have sacrificed many things to serve this nation and its people, your sacrifices are much appreciated, New Zealand, my fellow armed service people I stand here for you as the nation's next potential Minister, as a brother who will stand beside you, as someone who will ensure that our nation's interests are protected.
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2020.07.05 04:01 BowDown2theWorms Happy damn Fourth of July, okay?!

It’s only been 4 years since I graduated high school, which is wild to me, so I actually remember it pretty well. I remember quitting JROTC because I got bored of it, and no longer being required by rules to salute the flag and to say the pledge of allegiance. I remember deciding not to say it anymore, because it’s silly.
I started to think it was silly as hell to pray to a big piece of cloth every morning. I didn’t get it. So, I just stopped. I didn’t stand up. And what I noticed when I stayed sitting down really solidified my position. I started noticing that maybe one or two students around me said the whole thing in an even tone. The rest of them mumbled and grumbled through it.
”I fledbg of palleshensh... to the flabg.. of guyunitedshateshofamerica... and totherhpubluc...” (you get the point)
And I realized how stupid the whole ordeal was. Because some of my teachers supported my decision with an attitude of “well, you’re being honest about what you believe which is good!”, but others wouldn’t even look me in the damn eye after doing it.
And I get that. Because most of those other teachers were military, or former, or had spouses in the military (big military town). And I remember that comic, where the teacher says to the angry, sullen, clad-in-black child “X, it’s your right to sit during the pledge, but let me introduce you to someone who can’t stand for the pledge because he fought your your right to sit” and wheels in a legless veteran in a wheelchair.
And I remember how fucking moronic that comic is. Here’s my question: What the hell is the point of pledging allegiance to a flag when 95% of the kids can’t even say it like they mean it?
Better yet— if you were a mumbler as a kid, have you gotten over that attitude, or do you maintain it now? I bet you maintain it now. Because for the love of god, yeah, I was a cynical little wannabe edgy kid, but at least I had the god damn nerve to be open about what I believed. At least I didn’t go through the motions like a fucking sheep and do our servicemen and servicewomen the abhorrent disrespect of mumbling at their flag.
I knew then what I stood for, and I know now what I stand for, and it’s this:
If you wanna be a patriot, tip your fucking server. If you wanna be a patriot, smile at your neighbors. If you wanna be a patriot, pay your damn taxes. If you wanna be a patriot, stand up for the rights of the people in this country who aren’t able to stand up.
But if you call yourself a patriot while you mumble, shuffle your feet, and go through the motions, pull your head outa your ass.
If you call yourself a patriot because of your political affiliation and not your individual actions, pull your head outa your ass.
If you call yourself a patriot because you were raised to, but you’ve never really thought about the fact that patriotism was invented by the rich and powerful as a way to turn political dissent from a matter of policy to a matter of morality and thus manipulate the masses into aggressively shutting down new ideas, pull your head outa your ass.
And if you think I’m talking to any particular political party, you’ve entirely misunderstood this rant.
Patriotism is a joke. National pride is a joke. And if you’re a Democrat or a Republican and you think I’m on your side, fuck off and stop listening to the mainstream media and reach out to your political opponents and just let them know that you love them even though you disagree with them, because we’re headed down a really shitty path right now.
So happy fourth of mother-fucking July, America. I dread November and i dread the violence and hate y’all are gonna bring with it. I‘m disgusting by my participation in that culture, and you should be, too.
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2020.06.26 01:24 goodj1984 According to "Kelso Lawyers", the ADF has apparently "turned a blind eye" to sexual assaults and harassment against servicewomen, thoughts?

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2020.06.22 18:33 AlexanderKovalenko Complete disregard for health safety precautions at Russia's victory day parade rehearsals (Photos)

Complete disregard for health safety precautions at Russia's victory day parade rehearsals (Photos)

Russian authorities keep ignoging even the basic anti-coronavirus measures during victory day parade rehearsals ongoing across country.

During the previous rehearsal of the pompous event, before it was postponed from May 9 to June 24, participating troops military hadn't been provided face masks, let alone gloves or goggles.

As a result, thousands of Russian soldiers contracted the virus, including those who didn't take part in the rehearsal, onlybeing unfortunate enough to live in the same barracks with those that did.

Russian authorities and propaganda media now claim that the latest rehearsal was different as everyone was allegedly wearing masks and even gloves. But it seems that this is unlikely to save Russian military from yet another spike of COVID-19 cases in army ranks.

More and more photos are emerging across social networks showing that things weren't as smooth as reported regarding PPE.

Rather revealing is a photo shot at the rehearsal in St. Petersburg. In this photo, 45 faces are clearly seen of marching troops, of whom 34 have pulled down their masks, either uncovering the nose, or all the way down the chin.

What's also important is that many disposable masks, it is seen, are so worn off they've already turned grey from dust and dirt. It might as well be that the troops were provided a single mask to wear for the entire period of rehearsals.

Here's another indicative pic from St. Petersburg rehearsal, this time showing military servicewomen obviously joining the game of COVID-19 Russian roulette.

If you think you've seen it all, here's another couple of photos, also from St Petersburg…
It seems that the army has enough PPE to show off in news reports, while everything is done the old school way during actual rehearsals. So no one can truly imagine the possible consequences for the participants in Putin's fetish event.
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10 GOLDEN BUZZER Kid Singers on AGT & BGT  Got Talent ... Full Frontal Nudity on You Tube (exposed genitals) - YouTube Supporting Our Military Servicemen, Servicewomen, and Their Families Tribute to Fallen U.S. Servicewomen (2002-2011) - YouTube This Hairstylist Helps Military Servicewomen Feel Like Themselves servicewomenaction - YouTube

Local trumpeters pay tribute to fallen servicemen ...

  1. 10 GOLDEN BUZZER Kid Singers on AGT & BGT Got Talent ...
  2. Full Frontal Nudity on You Tube (exposed genitals) - YouTube
  3. Supporting Our Military Servicemen, Servicewomen, and Their Families
  4. Tribute to Fallen U.S. Servicewomen (2002-2011) - YouTube
  5. This Hairstylist Helps Military Servicewomen Feel Like Themselves
  6. servicewomenaction - YouTube
  7. Soldiers Coming Home Surprise Compilation 84 - YouTube
  8. Woman on a Mission - YouTube

SWAN transforms military culture by securing equal opportunity and the freedom to serve in uniform without discrimination, harassment or assault; and reforms... Soldiers return home from deployment to surprise their families and pets in this heartwarming compilation. Welcome Home Soldiers! Best Military Homecomings 2... In 2018, the U.S. Air Force lifted a restriction that previously banned servicewomen from wearing locs. The revision followed a wave of similar policy changes throughout the Armed Services ... WARNING THIS VIDEO CONTAINS FULL FRONTAL NUDITY Exposed male and female genitalia May not be suitable for minors Mother abd son naked on bed Five servicewomen from across the Singapore Army, the Republic of Singapore Navy and the Republic of Singapore Air Force tell their stories about their daily work missions, and what inspired them ... Watch the best of the best kid singers auditions and golden buzzer moments on America's Got Talent AGT and Britain's Got Talent BGT. Who did you think was th... We are honored to be able to support our military servicemen, servicewomen, and their families. Thank you to those of you who make the sacrifice for our freedom and thank you to donors who make it ... Montage honoring the 138 U.S. Servicewomen who died in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars between 2002 and 2011 - Editor: David L. Wadley